About Me

Personal Information

I prefer to keep my personal information private.

But as indication of who I am:

  • I’m male, adult and living in London
  • I have worked in academia, business and the non-profit world
  • As you can see I have varied interests, some of them very serious and others very silly.

Why Torchwolf?

My handle, and the name of this blog, came about by accident.

My first discovery of blogging and online forums came via simply googling to find the answer to a question about the TV series Doctor Who. For those interactions I chose a handle that made sense to fans of that series, and for continuity I’ve kept it ever since.

There are one or two other people using the same handle in various places on the net, so not every Torchwolf on every forum is me!

In some places, I also use the handles Kronk and Bad Wolf Hunter.