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Meandering vs Commitment

If this blog has a central theme, it is that of inquiring into Meandering vs Commitment. A good many schools of thought extol the virtues of commitment. Especially in existentialist philosophy and in approaches to personal development spawned by that. … Continue reading

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My friend vasco_pyjama mentioned an article in Slate about Blogoholism. Well, I wonder about blogoholism too. Though I read and comment more than I write entries to my own blogs. In my case, I think I’m always likely to have … Continue reading

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Working Lunch (DW100 Challenge #111)

The Doctor sat down to his lunch. It was an ordinary lunch, in an ordinary caff, in an ordinary town, somewhere in England. Egg, beans, and chips, washed down with a nice mug of tea. “So long since I’ve had … Continue reading

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Torchwood Sightings

It looks like Torchwood will be this year's "Bad Wolf" after all! So it's time to remind ourselves of all the Torchwood sightings so far: In the series one episode Bad Wolf, one of the quiz answers reveals that the … Continue reading

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Tooth and Claw – First Thoughts

Tooth and Claw was an episode in the traditional Doctor Who mould, with a classic mixture of horror, mystery and sci-fi neatly put together. It was rather unlike most Russell T Davis episodes, and didn’t have the typical RTD weaknesses, … Continue reading

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Lightweight Villains? – More on New Earth

They say that drama is about conflict, and great drama needs a great enemy. New Earth wasn't riveting because the enemies weren't formidable enough, evil enough, relentless enough, or chilling enough. And there were too many of them. The zombie-like … Continue reading

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New Earth – Initial thoughts

New Earth was fun and enjoyable, but I felt a lot more could have been done with it. It was a good idea for a story, but I'd have enjoyed it a lot more fleshed out over two or three … Continue reading

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