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What We Talk About, And What We Don’t

The BBC gives an interesting insight into what people talk about, at least when it comes to news and current affairs of all kinds. As they say about their “Have Your Say” feature: It is a powerful body of opinion, … Continue reading

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Doctor Who Music Videos

Some video interpretations to Doctor Who soundtracks.. Beware: There are lots of spoilers for both 2005 & 2006 series. They’re all good, but I especially like the two versions of Song For Ten, and If You Wait For Me, as … Continue reading

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Muhammad Yunus on web and video

As you probably know, Muhammad Yunus won the Nobel Peace Prize this year. The text of his lecture at the awards ceremony is available here. The video of the lecture is currently not working, but footage of the ceremonial parts … Continue reading

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One Woman Making a Difference in Afghanistan

The world is changing. And one way that it’s changing fast is that the likes of venture capitalist Guy Kawasaki are nowadays as engaged by making a difference as making money.

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Terrorism Paranoia?

Yet another person seems to have been charged with terrorism with little reason. The BBC reports that the terrorism charges against an alleged ringleader of the summer Heathrow airliner plot have been dropped in Pakistan. Other criminal charges like forgery … Continue reading

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Is Moving to India a Good Idea?

Ten years ago, I probably had a great opportunity to be in on the ground floor of China’s transformation. At the time, I knew it was going to be big, but it wasn’t such common knowledge then. I was doing … Continue reading

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Nigeria’s Stone Crushers

Take a look at this BBC picture story . It vividly shows the lives of poor people making a living from crushing stones for the construction industry in Nigeria. The dignity and resolution of these people is astonishing, as they … Continue reading

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