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Wonderful Things

I’m bumping into a lot of wonderful things that seem to be sprouting up all over the place. To keep track of them and share them, I have made a wonderful-things tag on delicious. Enjoy! Advertisements

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Mobile Phones – Impact in Africa

Tonight there was an excellent piece by BBC Newsnight on the impact of mobile phones in Africa generally, and Kenya specifically. See the 18 minute video here. (Or a short text article with alternate video link here.) It’s also a … Continue reading

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Internet Dating More Successful Than Thought

I’m not surprised by this now… A study by the University of Bath shows that internet dating and online relationships work for many people, and the likelihood of success for relationships that start online is as great as for relationships … Continue reading

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Online World as Important to Users as the Real World?

A major study by the Center for the Digital Future highlights the importance of online communities to those who use them. Some key findings are that: 43% of members of online communities feel as strongly about those communities as their … Continue reading

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Does happiness live in cyberspace?

An interesting piece from the BBC Technology site: Is it possible that we can find friendship, fulfilment and contentment on the internet? Almost two-thirds of all adults now log on to the web. We spend more and more of our … Continue reading

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My friend vasco_pyjama mentioned an article in Slate about Blogoholism. Well, I wonder about blogoholism too. Though I read and comment more than I write entries to my own blogs. In my case, I think I’m always likely to have … Continue reading

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