Doctor Who Music Videos

Some video interpretations to Doctor Who soundtracks..

Beware: There are lots of spoilers for both 2005 & 2006 series.

They’re all good, but I especially like the two versions of Song For Ten, and If You Wait For Me, as they’re a bit of a different take than the others. Fans of Classic Who will love the Seven Doctors version of Song For Ten.

Doctor Who Series Theme:

Westminster Bridge:

The Doctor’s Theme (sometimes also called Flavia’s Theme):



Father’s Day


Coming to get you

The Bad Wolf

Song for Ten – Seven Doctors

Song for Ten – Female vocal

Clockwork Tardis

Madame de Pompadour


. . .

And some music not from the series itself…

Live at Glastonbury 2004

If You Wait For Me (Tracy Chapman)

. . .

Lastly, I suppose it’s worth mentioning the BBC’s own Doctor Who Concert for Children In Need, just in case anyone hasn’t noticed that it’s available.

Be aware the BBC usually won’t stream video to addresses outside the UK though.

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2 Responses to Doctor Who Music Videos

  1. David / loup says:

    Thanks for bringing these to my attention, Kronk.
    Looks like you are getting more au fait with wordpress now.


  2. torchwolf says:

    Thanks, I hope you enjoyed them.

    I know from my blogs stats that a lot of people visited this page, but you’re the only one that I know found it to be of some value. 🙂

    Hope the others did too, but I don’t really know one way or the other.

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