Muhammad Yunus on web and video

As you probably know, Muhammad Yunus won the Nobel Peace Prize this year.

The text of his lecture at the awards ceremony is available here. The video of the lecture is currently not working, but footage of the ceremonial parts of the event can be found in the YouTube videos below. Note that these give a flavour of the celebrations, with a lot of music and dance, as well as discussion of Yunus’ work and thought. Yunus’ own lecture starts 16 minutes and 45 seconds into Part 2, but is incomplete.

Ceremony Part 1 (Approx 40 min)

Ceremony Part 2 (Approx 30 min)

. . .

It turns out that there is also a website devoted to Muhammad Yunus, founder of Grameen Bank. This site appears to be something like a fans and supporters site, rather than Yunus’ own doing, but it has lots of useful information, and it seems he was willing to cut the ribbon for its launch, so is presumably happy with it.

An official site seems to be planned, and “coming soon” here.

Meanwhile buried in the very professional fan site – as I hope I can call it without offending anyone! – there are links to a number of videos by Ashoka.

I haven’t had time to view them yet, as they are each about 40 minutes long, but they appear very interesting. Although they definitely have a promotional spin, rather than being independent documentaries.

The one on Yunus’ life (“Banker to the Poor”) looks especially interesting as it gives a real insight into the making of the man.

Direct links to the videos are:

  • Banker to the Poor
  • Building Social Enterprise
  • Creating a Poverty-Free World
  • Also on the site is a video by Ashoka founder Bill Drayton, on the concept of social enterprise:

  • Nothing More Powerful
  • A nice feature of all these videos is that subtitles are available in many languages.

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