Is Moving to India a Good Idea?

Ten years ago, I probably had a great opportunity to be in on the ground floor of China’s transformation. At the time, I knew it was going to be big, but it wasn’t such common knowledge then. I was doing an MBA where I had good Chinese and Taiwanese friends. I started to learn Mandarin. If I’d really wanted to, and had really gone for it, probably I could have started a new life there. And possibly made a lot of money for myself, and made a lot of difference there too.

Today, I’m asking myself the same questions about India.

The BBC has an interesting piece Brits head to India. Selected snippets:

“My major concerns were around the general poverty, the fear of malaria that all British seem to have – and the standard of living,” he says.
“But… amid India’s economic boom, Mumbai life is surprisingly easy.”

“I miss my family, my friends, the dialogue, the contact, simple things like finishing work and going to a pub for a glass of wine,” she says.

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