An Interesting Week

On Monday I signed up to do the Landmark Forum for the third time.

I’ll be doing it this weekend. The couple of times I’ve done it before both led to remarkable changes in my life, so I’m hoping for that again. Hoping, but not entirely believing. It feels kinda like resorting to using a sledgehammer, when faced with some problem that’s so stuck that nothing you’ve ever tried has had any real effect.

This time, what I’ll be out for is a breakthrough in getting things done. I am rather staggered at how much other people seem to be able to get done. Like Saganamidreams working as a lawyer, studying for an MSc, writing lots of fic and journal entries, keeping pets, running a home, and even having a life. Or Timbo, who is also a lawyer, a husband and stepfather, active footie fan, and scout group leader. How do they do it all? I’m stretched to do even one of those things. I have my saving graces, but generally it’s far from funny how little I seem to get done.

On Tuesday, I heard from my ex that she’s getting married soon. Which brings up a variety of complex feelings. And is an interesting coincidence in that the first time I did the Forum, it played a major part in the development of our relationship. Strange coincidences seem to abound around the Landmark Forum.

Due to that having been a long-running on-off relationship, I’ve actually seen her get married before.

*chuckles to himself*

And tonight it is the Champions League Final. Logically, football should not be that important, especially compared to such things as someone who means a lot to you getting married, or getting down to sorting out what is a horrible long-running problem in your life. But football is that important! Well, almost. šŸ™‚

Arsenal winning the Champions League is very high up in the list of things that I want! So it’s a very interesting and big week in my life.

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