Tenth Doctor, Second Impressions

New Earth was our second chance to see David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor. My second impressions of the character were much more favourable than the first.

In The Christmas Invasion (TCI) the Doctor didn't make much of an appearance until the last few scenes, when finally he recovered from his post-regeneration illness, made a dramatic entrance, and saved the day.

Although I enjoyed TCI there were a number things I didn't like about that portrayal. I didn't take to the manicness, his cockiness, or his seeming preoccupation with his looks -right bang in the middle of a world crisis. And while the sword fight was fun, I'd hate to see the Doctor turn into just another handsome action-hero.

I was much, much happier with the Doctor we saw in New Earth.

Cheery and cheeky, but not cocky or arrogant.

Slightly bemused at being attractive to women.

Intelligent, curious, and compassionate.

Much more the Doctor we know and love, somehow the same man, despite all the changes.

I'm very much looking forward to seeing the Tenth Doctor develop.

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