Hunting Bad Wolf Hunting

Bad Wolf Hunting, a blog post by Scott Matthewman, was the one of the first places on the net for Bad Wolf speculation and discussion. Another blogger rightly called it "the best Doctor Who forum ever, except it's some poor bloke's blog"!

Scott Matthewman has redesigned and migrated his blog since then, and it is not quite straightfoward for me link directly to all the orginal conversations there.

The Bad Wolf Hunting link now takes you to a list of all his posts about Doctor Who, and by going through the older posts from April – June 2005 you will find all the original material. To see the full conversations with the hundreds of comments, you might need to click through to the permalinks.

There are several different posts, all good, with titles like "Bad Wolf Hunting", "Bad Wolf – Part 2" and "RTD on Bad Wolf".

Hope this helps those of you coming new to Bad Wolf, as the show airs in the US and other places.


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One Response to Hunting Bad Wolf Hunting

  1. A belated thanks for the link!

    You should know that I’ve made sure that all my older Bad Wolf-related posts are now tagged with ‘badwolf’, so they should be even easier to find, especially as I’ll be adding lots more DW-related stuff to my blog over the coming weeks.

    Oh, and keep an eye peeled — my TV-related postings may be starting to appear on a major new blog some time soon…–>

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