Amateurs vs Professionals

Recently I've been spending time reading fan fiction, and talking with people who write fiction for fun. And I've also been reading books by professional writers about their ways of working.

One thing strikes me about the difference between amateurs and professionals, and it probably applies to any field.

Professionals pay attention to the parts of the work that aren't fun.

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2 Responses to Amateurs vs Professionals

  1. Kavitha says:

    True. And that aspect is what sometimes solely makes them ‘professional’.

  2. I think sometimes that is exactly how we use the word “professional”.

    In one of the books I was reading, a director says to the novelist and screenwriter “I hear you’re very professional about rewrites”.

    Professionalism does often seem to be about meeting the requirements that other people, on top of your own.

    But I am thinking there is something beyond professionalism. I might write a piece about that another time.

    For example, no-one would say about Shakespeare or Einstein or The Beatles, “they were highly professional”.

    Though in a way they were, but it doesn’t even seem a truly applicable concept.

    Maybe what’s beyond professionalism is artistry.

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