“Grown men with a gleam in their eye…”

Christopher Eccleston commented in one of his interviews that:

There was a different energy on the set the day of the Daleks. Grown men with a gleam in their eye, because of this thing…

That could apply to Doctor Who as whole, not just the Daleks.

As I create this blog, I'm asking myself what it is about Doctor Who that makes it so appealing that a grown man like me finds it worthwhile to write about it.

Part of it is that it captured our imaginations when we were very young, and it has a special place in our lives because of that. Part of it is that the new series is often funny, thought-provoking and moving. It satisfies adult tastes as well as entertaining young children.

But perhaps there is more to it than that. The Doctor is an archetypal hero, of a kind that appears in many myths and stories throughout history, and which seems to find a resonance with all cultures. Perhaps these stories meet some deep need in us.

In any case, Doctor Who is loved by people of all ages, and it provides a meeting point for an interesting and fun community, where adults and young people can talk together as friends.

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3 Responses to “Grown men with a gleam in their eye…”

  1. melata_fic says:

    Yeah… my mother had this surreal moment when watching the Dalek episode. Her daughters and son were watching Doctor Who with her, and they weren’t scared of the Daleks.

    She was a kid when they first came onscreen, and would hide behind the couch because the Daleks were that scary. Even in black and white.

    I love the different archetypes the Doctor represents.

    But my explanation: it had all the elements of a story that I could be guaranteed to like. That’s once I wasn’t just watching it out of complete curiosity.

  2. Melata, what are those elements that you’re guaranteed to like?

    There’s so much that I like.

    Thought-provoking ideas.

    Observations on stupid ape behaviour.

    Great one-liners.

    Time travel, and the perspective that opens up on life.

    Friendship and romance.

    Not to mentions great stories, Daleks, amazingly expressive acting, and more.

  3. melata_fic says:

    Time travel, eccentric characters, dead people walking… and bringing it together in a way that makes you think as well as laugh.

    (And the Daleks? Huge bonus. As well as the great acting and good script.)

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