Torchwood Speculations

The Doctor Who community is buzzing with talk of Torchwood. It looks like this will be the hidden meme spanning season two, just as Bad Wolf did through the first season.

Russell T Davis has said that the new season's meme has already been mentioned, and that it's an anagram. One of the answers to the Weakest Link quiz last season was that the Great Cobalt Pyramid was built on the ruins of the famous Torchwood Institute.

I'll leave you to spot the anagram.

We – the folks from Tamino BadWolf – think the Torchwood Institute will be involved in a Cybermen story, as part of the season finale.

Our reasoning: Torchwood will be an arc that spans the whole season, and so will culminate in the season finale. And the Cybermen will be so looked forward to by so many people as the highlight of the season that they too will be saved up for a big climax!

Possibly the Torchwood Institute studied extra-terrestrial life, possibly it studied cybernetics.

Perhaps a visit to the Great Cobalt Pyramid will reveal entombed cybermen, and a journey back in time to the Torchwood Institute will be needed to investigate further.

Maybe the institute was somehow involved in the creation or later development of the Cybermen. We'd love to see a Genesis of the Cybermen type story!

What do you think?

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